Winter begins in the month of December and lasts till the first week of March. Kashmir valley in general and Overa-Aru WLS in particular offers a completely different look during this season. Temperature of the area ranges from -7 to 10°  Celsius. Whole of the area can be seen covered by a thick cover of snow lending a completely different charm.


The spring season starts in the month of March and ends in May. The area is flooded with blossoming trees and flowers. These blossoming flowers and fruits release an alluring fragrance into the air. The temperature of the area ranges from 5°  to 21°  Celsius


Summer season sets in by the first week of June and lasts till the end of August. Summers are pleasant with moderate temperatures. There are plenty of ripe wild fruits available during the summer season. The water gushing from the glaciers through the beautiful streams make Overa-Aru all the more appealing and inviting during this time of the year. The temperature ranges between 10° and 28 °  Celsius in summer.


Autumn season sets in by September and lasts till November. The entire greenery turns into golden shade. The red carpets of fallen leaves makes the sight worth seeing. The season is known for its mellow fruitfulness and chilling mist. During the day, the temperature rises to a maximum of 23 ° Celsius, but the nights get pretty cold up to the minimum of 5 ° .